Third and last full day at the X Congress of Jesuit Alumni. Like every day, the day began with a Eucharist at the San Ignacio school in Barcelona, ​​the venue for this event.

The day and its talks have as a common thread the need for community and networking. In a way, they were the continuation of yesterday’s session, in which the importance of exploiting the potential of the WUJA Network was discussed. The first of the talks was given by Sabrina Burgos, Director of New Frontiers and Public Action at Fe y Alegría Colombia, speaking to us about building community: «We have to learn to function as a collective body to transform reality and give a voice to those who are in silence,” he said. And they also sent a message to young people: “they have the right to complain, but they also have the right to make proposals for change”, in reference to the fact that the complaint by itself does not contribute much, if one does not get to work.

Daniel Villanueva, SJ, Vice President of Entreculturas, continued in the wake of Sabrina by sharing his vision of the International Jesuit Global Network. Dozens of networks that build and work with each other. Paraphrasing Father Adolfo Nicolás, 30th General of the Society of Jesus, Villanueva has recalled that it is not about creating more structures, but about whether the structures serve to serve more. It has encouraged us to continue building a network that responds to the mission we want to carry out.

The morning ended with a space for reflection, animated by Antonio Allende, SJ, Delegate for Education of the Province of Spain. Through a chronological review, the Jesuit helped the assembly to see what moments of strength have been experienced these days. After a moment of reflection and silence, the participants will be able to make their proposals and ideas for a better functioning of the WUJA.

In the afternoon, the priest Jean-Paul Hernández, SJ, an expert in art and theology, gave a brief historical and artistic introduction to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, which congress attendees can visit at the end of the afternoon.

All the photographs of the congress in this link.