The first day of the X Jesuit Alumni Congress (WUJA) has come to an end. The participants have been able to share a morning with Father General, who has encouraged the educational institutions of the Society of Jesus “to innovate without fear and re-imagine the methods that allow the new generations to recognize and face the new challenges with their eyes. set in the future.” You can read it here.

Next, the Congress has had the participation of Mary Evelyn Tucker, professor at Yale University. The teacher spoke about spirituality, ecology and ecological justice for our time. He spoke of the intimate relationship between spirituality and ecology and how they interrelate. Professor Tucker spoke of Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit mystic very devoted to spirituality and the relationship between human beings and nature.; by Thomas Berry, a priest who also specializes in these matters, and by other authors. In her presentation, the professor recalled that we are interconnected with our environment and encouraged those present to take care of this aspect of our spirituality.

For the second presentation of the morning, on migration, the congress featured Cristina Manzanedo, lawyer and expert in migration and asylum. He has spoken to us about the importance of working for the full and effective inclusion of migrants. “We should rethink the issue of integration very well”, reflected Cristina, and warned that it is not easy to manage. He also added that a diverse society is a richer society.

The last presentation of the day was given by Nuria Calduch, an expert in Sacred Scripture and Professor of Old Testament at the Gregorian University of Rome, who spoke to us about the relationship between Woman-Church-World. “Talking about women is a challenge today,” he began. Through a historical journey, Professor Calduch reflected on the different initiatives that have been given to study the role of women in the Bible. “There is a long way to go,” explained the speaker.

To end the day, the participants were able to divide into thematic groups to reflect on the different topics covered in the presentations. In addition, they were able to visit some social projects of the Society of Jesus in Barcelona.

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