Jesuit alumni invited to be partners in the mission of reconciliation and justice in today’s world

Arturo Sosa A., S.J.
Superior General of the Society of Jesus
Tenth Congress of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae
of the Society of Jesus (WUJA)
Barcelona, Spain
14 July 2022


1. I would like first of all to greet warmly each one of you. Especially to those who have travelled from near and far to attend this congress in the friendly and welcoming city of Barcelona. I also greet all the former students of the highly valued College of Saint Ignatius of Sarriá, full of Ignatian history and spirit, who have so generously agreed to host this meeting. I also greet the families dear to them.

2. My sincere gratitude goes to the organizing committee of this congress headed by Mr Francisco Guarner who has managed to overcome the challenges of our pandemic times to bring us together here and to discern possible ways of responding to the challenges and  opportunities of our time. I also thank the entire executive committee of the World Union of Alumni/ae who have been an important part of this process and with whose president, Mr. Alain Deneef, I have been able to discuss the meaning and future of the associations of former students. I further thank the Father Provincial of Spain and all his staff for their kind welcome and for their work, which has enabled us all to be here together today.

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